Your Sisters Progress Update

Building Project Update


A year ago Your Sisters began building a small kitchen and program room to replace a dilapidated outbuilding. A lot of work has been completed since our last update.  All exterior and interior walls, flooring and roofing are finished! We are able to use the program room for a temporary classroom while we actively campaign for funding to finish the interior, complete with plumbing, shelving, cabinetry, and appliances. (Pictured is our finished program room side!)


Orphanage for Girls

054 (2)The girls are making great progress in school, learning English, mathematics, social studies, geography, and science. And…they are growing! In fact, we have decided to add a mobile dormitory to our existing site to help give the girls some room to spread out a little and have their own personal storage. This will alleviate the crowded, small bedroom with multiple bunk beds! Our long-term plan is to buy our own land and build a permanent facility with a dormitory for up to 25 girls. Until then…the mobile dormitory will give the girls some much needed breathing room!



Creative Community Program


Your Sisters Creative Community Program has had a very busy year!  With 12 women sewing full time, we have been able to make a significant presence in the local marketplace. Both gift shops and safari lodges carry Your Sisters items for sale.  To date, we have sold over 1500 of heart bags. The sale of these bags have provided women with an solid income, making an impact on their own families.  Our unique business model returns the profit from all sales back to the program and supports our long-term goal of becoming a self-sustaining organization.

Volunteer & Travel Program


Over the past year Your Sisters has welcomed eleven groups to Tanzania.  They visited with the orphans, spent time with the women in the Creative Community,  experienced incredible adventures on safari, mountain climbing, and the exotic beaches in Zanzibar. Watch for additional updates to learn more about volunteer and travel opportunities.


Libby & Frank in the U.S.A.


Since April, Libby and Frank have been back in the states with two objectives: 1) to welcome baby Grace into the world (she was born in July) and 2) to build on the solid foundation they have begun, taking Your Sisters to the next level! (Check out our current blog on the Fall/Winter Campaign we just kicked off!)

It’s an exciting time as so many people are getting involved. Your Sisters thanks you for taking part, too!

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