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A New Year…A New “English Medium” School!

Sch_All Girls_YellowAs communicated previously, we are happy to announce all the girls have started at their new school this January! We all recognize the importance education plays in an individual’s life to broaden her opportunities and improve her quality of life, but can you imagine the impact for these girls? Many thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this change happen!

School_Lib2014Why an “English Medium” school…and what is an English-Medium school? In Tanzania, government (or public) schools teach all primary level (Kindergarten through 7th grade) classes in Kiswahili. However, secondary level (8th grade through 12th grade) classes are all taught and tested in English. When children attend a government primary school and then move on to secondary school, they often struggle due to the language gap. More times than not, a child will drop out or fail secondary school, thus ending their education at a primary school level. An English Medium School is privately run and follows standards to better prepare children for secondary level schools.

StMargSignMoving the girls to St. Margaret’s, a quality English Medium school, will best prepare these girls for success in secondary school (and beyond). While our private school included classes taught in English, we also looked at the long-term benefits an established, larger school could provide the girls of Your Sisters. The socialization opportunity alone is a great benefit…going to school with other young girls and boys, making new friends. Couple that with multiple grade-level classes and extra activities, and we felt it was the best education solution for these bright, wonderful girls. We hope you will agree!

Your Sisters Orphanage for Girls


Your Sisters Orphanage for Girls was established to be a sanctuary for young girls who have been orphaned or abandoned. Your Sisters is their home where they receive love, nurturing care and support in a family atmosphere.

 We ensure each child receives nutritious meals, access to clean water, and comfortable shelter. Clothing, health care and access to quality education are also important provisions. These girls are not up for adoption; Your Sisters is their permanent home! Ultimately, our goal is to help each girl grow up securely, knowing she is loved, encouraged to develop her own skills and talents, and empowered to become a strong, functioning member of Tanzanian society.


We regularly receive requests to take in other deserving girls who need a home, but have to turn them away until we can expand. We hope to provide up to 25 girls a home at Your Sisters as funding becomes available. Your support can make this possible. Please consider making a donation today!


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