Music, Wine & Inspiration


Women Creating Strength, Community & Empowerment.

Together, One Life At A Time. 

We invite you to a special evening to celebrate Your Sister’s 5 years of influencing the lives of women and girls. Come to hear stories from transformed lives. Founders Libby Bailey & Frank Mollel look forward to sharing with you a bold new vision of the organization’s future.

Come enjoy an African infused evening of wine/cocktails, peruse beautiful products handmade by the women of Your Sisters, win some raffle prizes and be inspired.


Also, enjoy learning about Your Sisters exciting Tanzanian Travel Opportunities in 2018 & 2019!


Safaris, Yes you can! – Kilimanjaro treks, and Women Connect – Group Travel & more!

When? – We have two dates available in December and due to limited space available, we ask you to please further inquire at or



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An Update from Your Sisters– Nov. 2016

The Girls are continuing to grow in every way! Dinka School has been a wonderful change this past year as all girls are showing progress in their school work from English to Mathematics, History, and so much more. In addition to their school work they are making new friends and are learning more responsible for their own chores, too.

The Creative Community Program continues to teach women sewing skills & provide them the opportunity to earn a living and help support their families. In the last 6 months we have brought in four new women and given them a way to make a living!

With your support, we are making a difference in the young girls and women of Your Sisters! Please enjoy a few pictures below.




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Tanzania – January 2016 Update


What a great time to be back in Tanzania this past January! Having time to be back with the girls and seeing the progress they’re making was such a joy. Your Sisters was thrilled to bring the program, “Full Circle Learning,” to the teachers at Dinka School…with the goal of enriching the girls learning and life experience. The teachers and our staff got so much out of the training! We look forward to implementing all that was learned.


Thanks to Olivia and Gretchen Newcomb for introducing this wonderful program to Your Sisters, to the teachers for their investment, and to our fabulous trainer Maureen Mungai for spending two weeks with us in Tanzania. We look forward to taking these inspired tools of teaching youth about being empowered, active learners…helping to change their lives…impact their communities…and connect the larger world in deeper ways.

To everyone — thank you for your support, we look forward to a great 2016!

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New Partnership!

We are very excited to be starting this new partnership!

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Girls Step Forward at New School Thanks to Your Support!

We are so proud of all our supporters and sponsors who have helped make it possible for the girls to start a new school program this term! They are attending the Dinka School full time. This is an exciting new beginning for them— they are thriving and it’s thanks to you for your support. Empowering girls through love and education!

Dinkaimage1 (2)

playing dinka

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Springtime Updates!

Your Sisters’ tailors keep busy sewing products throughout the year! Here are a few pictures and comments our tailors have shared recently about the impact working with Your Sisters has made in their lives:




“Working with Your Sisters has benefited me so much, I have been able to send my children to school.”



“We get together as a group and I am able to teach new skills to other sewers, helping them in areas where they can improve and work with materials better.”



“We work on projects in the village and enjoy time together, supporting each other and learning news skills.”



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New Uniforms for the Girls!


Thanks to our sponsors, the girls are updated for Springtime with new books, new school uniforms and new school track suits! Just take a look!








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How Time Flies…the Girls, Summer & Back to School!

EntryBoardOverlookWhat a way to say good-bye to summer and kick off a new school year…the girls enjoyed a special day visiting the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. With expert safari guide, Maggie, the girls learned about some of Tanzania’s most precious resources: the National Parks and the wildlife that inhabit them. A long time in coming…this had been an excursion the girls looked forward to for a year!

School_Lib2014But now…it is time to return to school! As you may recall, last year the girls enrolled in St. Margaret’s Academy.  It was an exciting time…meeting new friends, new uniforms, and broadening their learning. Some subjects came easily, some more challenging.

At St. Margaret’s all subjects are taught and tested in English, providing the girls with an advantage in continuing education beyond primary levels. This has been a big jump and learning curve for them. To support the girls with their studies, we’ve added a tutor to our staff in Tanzania. Helen works with the girls after school 5 days a week. She helps to reinforce their studies…whether practicing English, understanding math problems, or learning about world geography. And, she makes sure to provide special  one-on-one time with each of the girls, too.

Queen-Glad-SchWith your monthly support, we are able to provide these girls with the most important basic needs of clean water, shelter and nutritious food, but also these life-changing educational opportunities. Are you a monthly supporter? Help Your sisters in one of the most important ways and give these girls hope for a better life, a different tomorrow.  Donate here.

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Volunteers Visit Your Sisters in Tanzania!

Jean-Girls-Colorado2In the last several months, four different groups have come to Tanzania to visit Your Sisters, volunteer and experience adventure travel of this amazing country. Some of our visitors spend time with the girls making colorful, fun, picture books! VolGirls-Crafts

BooksWhether climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, exploring amazing animals on the on the Serengeti, or relaxing in the sunshine on the the exotic beaches of Zanzibar, Heart of Africa Travel can arrange your visit to Your Sisters and Tanzania.

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An Exciting Time – Creative Community Program!


What an exciting time!

In the last twelve months, we have been able to expand our program, products and market share.

Earlier this year, two very special volunteers hosted a 6-week sewing class for 8 new women who joined our Creative Community Program (CCP). It was not long before these women were able to use their new skills to start earning a living for their families. Together with our established women tailors, we are helping over 20 women through the CCP. We want to help even more!

three hearts backYS Heart Bag UnzippedWhile Your Sisters’ signature heart bags continue to lead sales in Tanzania safari lodges and boutiques, we are building momentum with our recently introduced quilted patch bag.

We are also beginning to explore distribution in the states! In addition, to our heart and patch bags, we are introducing a new beaded Masaai Market basket. This artful and versatile design has been suggested as a farmers’ market basket and all-around tote.PatchBagmarket baskets seasonal colors2

In order to meet all these changes and continue our progress, we are working toward building a more consistent ‘go-to-market’ production. We have many needs as we grow and reach out to more women. Your monthly gift helps greatly with this effort. If you are not a monthly supporter, won’t you consider helping us help more women? Donate here.

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