-Letters from Past Your Sisters Volunteers-

            Hi Everyone at Your Sisters, For months now we have been meaning to write to you to say what a life changing event it was to come and volunteer with you this past July 2011. It was so wonderful to get involved! We know you were starting out, but it was clear how focused you are on providing education and opportunity to women and girls in Tanzania. We were impressed by the plans you had laid out. The Maasai family that Your Sisters has partnered with was extremely impressive - particularly Mama Sion who is serene, wise and dignified with the strength to face the adverse conditions she lives with daily. She is an inspiring women who is supported by her loving family, and the care she gives the little girls is amazing. When we were visiting it was very dry and dusty and there had been a long drought. We witnessed how the orphanage had to haul water in buckets each day for all cooking, bathing and cleaning. The project we identified that we could help with the most was to assist in bringing a permanent 2000 liter water storage tank to the site. We were able to help Your Sisters accomplish this during our wonderful nine days with them. Wow, the joy on each of the girls' faces to see them have access to water without walking 15 minutes to fetch it. Back home in Christchurch, New Zealand in August, we spoke to the people of St. Martin's Presbyterian Church. They responded very generously to our request for funds and were very supportive of the program in spite of the fact that everyone has suffered from the difficult recent earthquakes. For the next several years we know we will be able to send funds to help your important vision. We are excited to watch as the future unfolds for Your Sisters. We have no doubt that with a team like yours, you will do wonderful things for many in the world. We just thank you, our Tanzanian family, for allowing two Kiwis to get involved! Best wishes from all from all of us here, Rob & Barb Meier

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