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Travel with Your Sisters

WIN_20140928_171429Whether you are seeking adventure or looking for a relaxing get away, experience the heart of Africa and let Your Sisters coordinate a memorable and lasting travel experience for you in Tanzania. Visitors can come take part with our programs and combine with a climb on Kilimanjaro, safari, and relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar. We care deeply about providing you a rich view of East African culture  while making it a priority to hand select the most knowledgeable guides and truly  authentic accommodations. image112


Volunteer Opportunities here in the States

Photo Feb 24, 1 31 31 AM (1)Your Sisters is headquarters is in Portland, Oregon and there are many needs we have right from the States.   We are growing our community of supporters in the US and will be expanding many areas.  We have had an array of volunteers and people involved in all sorts of ways. Get in touch and let us know your skills and if you are interested to get involved to help.


View our Travel Package options!


-Travel Updates-

VolGirls-Crafts In the last several months, four different groups have come to Tanzania to visit Your Sisters, volunteer, and to experience the adventure travel of this amazing country. Whether climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro, safari on the Serengeti, or relaxing in the sunshine on the exotic beaches of Zanzibar, Heart of Africa Travel can arrange your travel to Your Sisters and Tanzania.


ravel Program

The BooksTravel Program offers supporters the opportunity to volunteer both in the United States and in Tanzania. Volunteering in the United States may include special projects or assignments, help with fundraising and more. Volunteering and traveling to Tanzania will be a life-changing experience. You will meet amazing people and experience Tanzania in the most authentic way. Most importantly, you will make a lasting difference in the lives of the women and girls who live and work with us. Whatever your desire, let us know. We would love to work with you!

 Libby_2013_untitled_0102_00359   Can't volunteer, but still want to help? DONATE TODAY!

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