Your Sisters Travel Packages:

image5Your Sisters has organized many groups who have come experienced a once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania.   We have coordinated large and small groups, both families and individuals.  All travelers are able to immerse with our authentic community at Your Sisters as well as receive the best experiences Tanzania has to offer.  With world class safaris, non-technical, incredible mountain climbing, and the amazingly exotic beaches and history of Zanzibar…you are in for a trip of a lifetime. Below are descriptions of different travel groups we have coordinated.  

Package #1:   Your Sisters + 7 Days Best of Tanzania Safari – 15 Days

You’ve met the girls from the orphanage ‘online,’ now meet them in person! After planned activities with the girls, in no time at all you will get to know each special personality that will warm your heart. Love Your Sisters Heart Bags? Then, you will love the ladies (and the few gents) who sew our products. Learn from them about the difference Your Sisters has made in their lives! The local culture and community is rich in wonderful food, sounds and music…we’ll make sure you get a taste of them all. Ready for adventure? Make sure your camera and safari hat are packed because we will take you to the best parks in Tanzania. You will see, hear and observe some of the most amazing animals on the planet: lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, hundreds of birds and more. Our expert guides and all-inclusive accommodations will make this a safari you will never forget! Optional add-on: Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb, Zanzibar Beaches & Historic Stonetown  

Package #2:  Women Connecting Across the Globe Cultural Emersion,  Your Sisters + Safari-  14 days

Choose this package and you will become part of a special sisterhood!  5-8 women from the United States and eight women from Tanzania share their own culture and heritage – just imagine…you will learn from your Tanzanian sisters how to cook on open fire the local cuisine such as spiced pilau, chipati, and ugali with greens, or learn the art of beading, or dance to the rhythmic music of Tanzania. As an American sister, you will have an opportunity to teach your Tanzanian sisters how to cook a ‘traditional’ meal from the states, impart knowledge and tips on how to build a business or maybe how to teach yoga or simple fitness exercises. Interspersed you will join in special activities with the girls of Your Sisters Orphanage, too! A special sisterhood…bringing women together from across the globe. In addition, you will visit two of Tanzania’s premiere National Parks experiencing the same amazing animals, birds, and landscapes. Our expert guides and all-inclusive accommodations will round out this unforgettable trip!  

Package #3:   Yes I Can!  Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb + Your Sisters & Safari-   17 days

Climb to the Top of Africa! This “Yes I Can” travel package is focused on connecting women through fitness, challenge, and inspiration. Our expert guides will lead you on a 7-day, non-technical climb that will take you to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the continent of Africa. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views and a personal accomplishment unsurpassed. Founder Libby Bailey, an avid climber, and twice Kilimanjaro summiter, encourages you to join this trip for an unforgettable journey! Take your fitness to a new level and say, “Yes I can”…and climb to the Top of Africa with us! Upon return, enjoy a day of activities getting to know the girls at the center and the women of the Creative Community Program. Complete this most memorable adventure with a 3-day safari to Tanzania’s premiere parks, where you will experience amazing animals, birds and landscapes. Our expert guides and all-inclusive accommodations will round out this incredible journey! Note: Interested in climb only or an extension on Zanzibar, just let us know.  (We also organize mixed groups and family climbs)  

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