Tanzania – January 2016 Update


What a great time to be back in Tanzania this past January! Having time to be back with the girls and seeing the progress they’re making was such a joy. Your Sisters was thrilled to bring the program, “Full Circle Learning,” to the teachers at Dinka School…with the goal of enriching the girls learning and life experience. The teachers and our staff got so much out of the training! We look forward to implementing all that was learned.


Thanks to Olivia and Gretchen Newcomb for introducing this wonderful program to Your Sisters, to the teachers for their investment, and to our fabulous trainer Maureen Mungai for spending two weeks with us in Tanzania. We look forward to taking these inspired tools of teaching youth about being empowered, active learners…helping to change their lives…impact their communities…and connect the larger world in deeper ways.

To everyone — thank you for your support, we look forward to a great 2016!

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