Libby Bailey (Co-Founder, Executive Director)


Director Libby Bailey has a passion for women and the issues that are unique to them, no matter where they live or what they have. Born and raised by a close family in Salem, Oregon, Libby learned from a young age to care about others. In 2004, Libby began a  successful real estate career with the Hasson Company in Portland, OR and quickly became a top producing agent year after year. During this time, she was an avid traveler and mountain climber, reaching summits on several continents. With a passion and talent for photography, Libby also became a contributing photographer for Getty Images. In 2008, her world travels took her to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. During that journey, Libby’s heart never seemed to leave Africa, and she soon made the decision to move her entire life overseas where she could dedicate herself personally to developing all aspects of Your Sisters.

After three focused years of getting the organization running strong Libby and  husband & co-founder Frank Mollel decided the next chapter of Your Sisters growth would be best served by making the US home base. This decision would enable the team to expand the organization’s community as well as strategically plan for the future.  In late 2014 Libby was excited to announce she was returning to her career of helping buyers and sellers in Portland, the city she loves so much with the clients she loves so much.  She kept her license while living overseas and is excited to now have an opportunity to integrate aspects of both worlds.   Libby remains intimately involved with all areas of Your Sisters, and it gives her tremendous pride to know that she is working to improve lives for the women and girls of Tanzania.

Frank William Mollel (Co-Founder, Tanzanian Managing Director)

Frank currently serves as a managing director of Your Sisters.  Frank has a diplomatic caring approach with everyone he deals with. Born and raised in Arusha, he has lived his whole life here and has extensive local connections. Frank completed his education in wildlife studies and has worked as a safari guide. His passion to help children in need has been a strong force his whole life. He was the guiding light behind Your Sister’s making orphaned girls a top priority.   From the genesis, Frank and Libby decided to make orphaned or abandoned girls the direct benefactors of any success Your Sisters programs have.  Whether it be success in the sale of our well loved creative products or groups coming and traveling with us….the team decided that each aspect would always be tied back to the betterment of the young girls lives and the programs they could create to support their self development.  Frank has a passion for family, community, making a difference in the lives of others, particularly young children.  Now a father of his own two, he wonderful time instilling the value of what it means to have a heart for giving!

Mama Sion (Orphanage Head Mother)

Mama Sion oversees all of the girls’ activities, directs needs, handles issues and makes sure all the needs of the orphanage are met day-to-day. For all of her adult life she has been considered a respected elder in the community among the women, someone they can turn to for sound advice as well as loving support. Children, as well, have always flocked to Sion because of her warm, loving, ever-present and incredible mothering qualities. Sion was a doctor at a small clinic in the Massai village of Kisongo for many years. She has helped delivered hundreds of babies as well as worked with countless women on topics of reproductive health, pregnancy and disease prevention. She is committed to women and children’s welfare and has spent her life dedicated to serving these specific needs here in Tanzania. Mama is the heart of Your Sisters Orphanage. We are immensely blessed to be joined together in this effort.

William Joseph Mollel (Orphanage Supervisor and Mentor)

William is an amazing pillar in the community. He has raised seven successful children and is respected for how he instills values and ethics to all who surround him. Many in the community refer to William as the “mediator” or a key director of the Massai village. He is active daily as a village elder and councilman. He currently holds a board position with Compassion. William is involved as a mentor/father figure for family and children and has a strong knack for relationship and community building.

Nelly Kreeftmeyer  (Creative Community Program Manager,  Creative Design Partner to Libby)

Nelly joined Your Sisters in 2012 as the Creative Community Program’s manager.  She works closely with Libby helping to implement  product designs, keeping quality control and attention to detail a top priority.  Your Sisters works to train women to set themselves apart, teaching them to make more highly produced finished products.   Nelly is very hands on with the community each day, teaching young jobless women selected by our program basic sewing skills.  She then mentors each woman along so she becomes able to produce and earn a strong living for her family.  We now have over 25 women ( and a few men too)  who have strong skills, are able to provide for their families, and who also have a community of support with Your Sisters.  It means a great deal that each women can 1) earn a living for her family   2) model a new way of empowerment to her own children by being skilled & productive and 3) give back through the success of what they make to orphaned girls who, before Your Sisters, had no family.

Your Sisters looks forward to continuing to shape the future – bringing opportunity and greater quality of life to more women as we grow.  Nelly is one of the best natural leaders, a gifted mother of three, a taleted artisan, and through her tenacity, skill and hard work, she mentors in every way what each woman is capable of.

Nuru Mathayo  ( Staff Accountant)

Nelly-NuruNuru joined Your Sisters in 2013.  He came on board after serving as a head accountant for the banking industry and in the tourism industry for 15 years.  Nuru handles the day to day bookkeeping and accounting for the organization.  Pictured here working on the books on the office with Nelly.


 Ephahta Mollel  ( Program Assistant and Tour Driver Guide)


Ephata assists Your Sisters in many ways with helping organize and inventory supplies for the Creative Community Program, deliver products to the lodges and camps who sell our products, as well as facilatate and tour groups who come visit – Ephata is a tremendous asset.  He wears a number hats and we are so happy he is a part of our team.

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