Sion Center for Girls

Sion Center for Girls was established to be a sanctuary for young girls who have been orphaned or abandoned. Your Sisters is their home where they receive love, nurturing care and support in a family atmosphere.  untitled-4

 We ensure each child receives nutritious meals, access to clean water, and comfortable shelter. Clothing, health care and access to quality education are also important provisions. These girls are not up for adoption; Your Sisters is their permanent home! Ultimately, our goal is to help each girl grow up securely, knowing she is loved, encouraged to develop her own skills and talents, and empowered to become a strong, functioning member of Tanzanian society.

We regularly receive requests to take in other deserving girls who need a home, but have to turn them away until we can expand. We hope to provide up to 25 girls a home at Your Sisters as funding becomes available. Your support can make this possible. Please consider making a donation today!GirlsSing

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The Girls Continue to Thrive and Grow – November 2016!

The girls are continuing to grow in every way! Dinka School has been a wonderful change this past year as all girls are showing progress in their school work…from English to Mathematics, History and so much more. In addition to their school work they are making new friends and are learning more responsibility for their own chores, too.



Spring is in the Air! March 2015

As the girls grow, so does the need for new uniforms! Thanks to our supporters, the girls are outfitted with new uniforms for the classroom and the track!


September 2014

How Time Flies!

EntryBoardTo say good-bye to summer and kick off a new school year, the girls enjoyed a special day visiting the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. With expert safari guide, Maggie, the girls learned about some of Tanzania’s most precious resources: the National Parks and the wildlife that inhabit them. A long time in coming…this had been an excursion the girls looked forward to for a year!

But now…it is time to return to school! As you may recall, last year the girls enrolled in St. Margaret’s Academy.  It was an exciting time…meeting new friends, new uniforms, and broadening their learning. Some subjects came easily, some more challenging.

Sophia St Marg

At St. Margaret’s all subjects are taught and tested in English, providing the girls with an advantage in continuing education beyond primary levels. This has been a big jump and learning curve for them. To support the girls with their studies, we’ve added a tutor to our staff in Tanzania. Helen works with the girls after school 5 days a week. She helps to reinforce their studies…whether practicing English, understanding math problems, or learning about world geography. And, she makes sure to provide special  one-on-one time with each of the girls, too.

With your monthly support, we are able to provide these girls with the most important basic needs of clean water, shelter and nutritious food, but also these life-changing educational opportunities. Are you a monthly supporter? Help Your sisters in one of the most important ways and give these girls hope for a better life, a different tomorrow.

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