Building Project Update

Your Sisters Project Update:

The builders have been busy at work over the last several weeks! We are excited to announce that our program room and kitchen exterior are 90% complete!  This week, we plan to have the windows placed and the building painted.

In order to complete the project, we have a bit of work left to accomplish the interior.  With your help we will finish and be on our way commencing our first women sewers working “On Site” in the Program Room.  This will be the first step towards our overall long-term goals of helping women get a start, learn valuable skills, and build community with one another, as well as serve as mentors and role models for the girls at the orphanage.

There are several items we will need to ensure that the program room and kitchen are fully functional and can be used to their greatest potential.

Some of the items you can assist with include:

  • Windows for Completing the Building:  $1000
  • Interior & Exterior Paint:  $650
  • Counters for the Kitchen:  $500
  • Outlets & Power Supply: $500
  • Large Gas Cooktop for the Orphanage: $400
  • Toilet, Sink, Mirror:  $300
  • Work Tables for the Program Room:  $250
  • Shelving: $200
  • Shower: $200
Thank you for helping us and making your contribution today.  Your part really does make all the difference to Your Sisters first project building being complete. The women sewers are so looking forward to being able to move in and have a place to work, learn, and share together.

We are aiming to have the full project completed by March 31st. If you are interested in helping us purchase any of the above items, please visit our donation page today.


We are also very much looking forward to sharing the exciting future developments Your Sisters has planned.  We are looking forward to being able to give the girls their first shower, providing them with their own bed to sleep in, and much more.

Thank you for helping make each step of the way possible!

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