Our Future

Our long-term goal is to purchase land and build a larger, permanent facility where up to 25 orphaned or abandoned girls will be able to call Your Sisters home. Our Creative Community Program will also expand with additional women and products, helping women build a better life for themselves and their families. And…our Volunteer and Travel Program will grow to provide supporters a chance to help us in the U.S. or in Tanzania. Those who do travel to Tanzania will also be able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Phase I (2011-2012)

The Orphanage for Girls and Creative Community Program are up and running with great success. Girls, women and families are positively impacted. We continue with planning for Phase II and Phase III to expand the solid foundation we have put in place.

We regularly receive requests to take in other deserving orphans who need a home. Unfortunately, we have to turn them away until we can expand.

Phase II (2013-2014)

Current fundraising will help us complete this phase towards our long-term goal.

Your Sisters will expand the temporary facility to improve basic offerings. We’ll move the girls from one small bedroom with multiple bunk beds and no personal space to a mobile structure with room to grow. It will include new beds and their own individual storage. We will construct a mobile structure that will also be used in Phase III at our permanent site.

Creative Community Program:
We are working to fine-tune our current production, add additional products and expand our distribution in Tanzania. With new sponsorships, we will enroll up to 10 additional women, providing them with supplies, training, and the opportunity to build steps towards self-sufficiency. We will also begin researching distribution in United States.

Volunteer and Travel Program:
We will define structured, specific volunteer opportunities at home and in Tanzania. Our travel program will also expand with help from our strategic partner, Heart of Africa Travel, to help schedule and plan specific travel excursions.

Phase III (2014-2015)

We will launch a capital campaign to buy land, build and move our organization to a new permanent site. This new facility will include a dormitory for up to 25 girls. It will also include a kitchen and dining hall, activity room, housing for our orphanage parents and staff, and a garden to grow our own food!

Creative Community Program:
Our new permanent site will include a program room to support the expansion of projects and membership. Special classes and group meetings will be held to facilitate design, training and community building. We will expand distribution to the United States to meet the interest and demands for Your Sisters products made by our women in Tanzania.

Volunteer and Travel Program:
Our new permanent site will also include accommodation for volunteers to stay while working on special projects or assignments. Your Sisters will facilitate a greater number of groups as our programs grows and interest increases. Visibility and participation will enhance Your Sisters and help contribute to our long-term self-sustainability.

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