Recurring Contributions


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$30 Monthly (only $1.00 a day)
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$50 Monthly (only $1.70 a day)
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$100 Monthly (just over $3 a day)
Other: please enter amount, then click 'Other'


Sponsor a Girl

To read each girls' bio and select a sponsorship level, please visit our personal sponsorship page

  • $60 USD/mo
    Basic Sponsorship

    $90 USD/mo
    Academic Sponsorship

One-Time Contributions

Your one-time donation improves the lives of girls and women in Tanzania. credit-cards
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Donations by Mail

  You can also send any donation amount to our address. Please include your contact information and we will send you a receipt! Make check payable to: Your Sisters PO Box 80424 Portland, OR 97280

Thank You For All Your Support!

** Donations are tax deductible. Non-profit 501(c)(3) Tax ID  45-2569510 **

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