Recurring Contributions


    $30 Monthly (only $1.00 a day)
      $50 Monthly (only $1.70 a day)
        $100 Monthly (just over $3 a day)
        Other: please enter amount, then click ‘Other’




          Sponsor a Girl

          To read each girls’ bio and select a sponsorship level, please visit our personal sponsorship page

            One-Time Contributions

            Your one-time donation improves the lives of girls and women in Tanzania.




                    Donations by Mail


                    You can also send any donation amount to our address. Please include your contact information and we will send you a receipt!

                    Make check payable to:
                    Your Sisters
                    PO Box 80424
                    Portland, OR 97280

                    Thank You For All Your Support!

                    ** Donations are tax deductible. Non-profit 501(c)(3) Tax ID  45-2569510 **

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