A Volunteer Reflects on Her Visit

We love hearing from our volunteers about their experience visiting Your Sisters in Tanzania. This especially heart-felt message really highlights the impact a visit can make and the picture below says it all…saying good-bye is sometimes hard.

Hi Libby and Frank,
Wow, it’s strange to be back in America. We have soooooo many luxuries and modern conveniences that are taken for granted here. Well, where to begin?

To say that my experience in Africa was life changing would be a massive understatement. I didn’t realize until I came back home just how much my trip had affected my perspectives, outlooks and overall goals in life. Africa has become a lens through which I now see the world. While living there, I encountered the good and the bad, profound joy and overwhelming sorrow.

To become completely enveloped in a foreign culture is something too unique to fully describe. Every day, it seemed that something wild and exciting was thrust into my path, whether it be a new food, speaking swahili, a crazy dala dala ride, or a Maasai tribal ceremony! However, more than any adrenaline rush, the amazing people I met made the most lasting impact on me.

Working with Your Sister’s Orphanage filled my days with love and learning. Those little girls taught me so much about compassion, tenderness, and joy. I looked forward to seeing them every day and left the Orphanage feeling enriched and fulfilled. The beautiful, rural location and the wonderful staff turned Your Sister’s into my home away from home. The dynamic scenery as well as the people give the whole area a certain feeling of enchantment. I know that beautiful Africa and her people will forever be in my heart. So, be warned: Anyone who travels to Africa and Your Sisters cannot help but fall in love.

Love you guys!! Please give the girls my love.

Tess Huntington


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